Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow, have I been MIA!


 So, I know I have been everywhere but blog world.. So, I'm on my way back!

The Loose Leaf is still going strong, stronger than ever. I have started up the farmer's market scene and so far they are going very well! This time around I have a larger prepping space, better materials, larger variety and being a veteran, going in prepared.

      I feature two teas a market where I hand out samples for people to try. Tomorrow I will be sampling the Pink rose and green tea

and the Stress relief tea.

   These two teas are very popular and this is a relatively new market for me. It is on a resort, so this is either really good, or really bad. People visiting and traveling. Either they want to spend money or they find it amusing to browse. Either way, I get plenty of fresh air, get to talk about tea and health and hopefully make a little money along the way.
      So Rhodiola has been a big herb on campus lately :) What I mean by that is it has been in a few of my blends, and I have had customer requests for this underdog of an herb!

Rhodiola is an adaptogen, enabling the body to maintain physiological balance during times of physical or mental stress. There is a substantial body of research that confirms that the herb confers numerous benefits to health, especially in normalizing the heart rate after exercise or stress. Russian researchers have found that extracts of rhodiola or Panax ginseng act in the same way as the drug Aricept in supporting cognitive function. In the brain stem, rhodiola compounds stimulate the release dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin into ascending pathways that activate the cerebral cortex, stimulating analyzing, evaluating, calculating, and planning functions. The stimulant effect then moves to the prefrontal cortex, where it contributes to memory functions including encoding, sorting, storage, and retrieval.

 I have this wonderful herb in the Stress relief tea! I also have started to put it in my Energy tea .

      Thanks for reading and I apologize again for being gone so long!